does anyone else run out of soap just in time for thanksgiving…..

does this happen to other people…it must….it just seems that every thanksgiving i go to wash my dishes while preparing stuff ahead of time…yes i do some stuff ahead of time….amazing isnt it….never as much ahead of time as i would like to….but anyways…..i go to wash the pots and pans and dishes and someone put the bottle back under the sink with a tablespoon of soap left….it’s like putting the milk container back with just a gulp of milk or the butter with just a smidge…..i’m pretty sure it wasn’t me but since i think i’m the only one around here that handwashes the pots and pans it must have been me….but maybe the dogs had a bubble party while we were gone….they were awfully tired last night….they are usually all over me all night long while watching tv and at 8:30 they start begging for the 9:00 cookie…..when our other dog issue was alive she would get up around 8:45 and go into the next room and keep poking her head out the door with the saddest look to see if it might be cookie time a little earlier….miss that girl….ok so let me go back and see where i was going before i got on the dogs…..oh ya dish soap…..oh….lost my train of thought…..i’m over it……i know its a day late but……
may your stuffing be tasty

may your turkey be plump,

may your potatoes and gravy have nary a lump.

may your yams be delicious and your pies take the prize, and may your thanksgiving dinner….

stay off your thighs!

happy thanksgiving to all!!!