ok so i just have to talk about boobs today… not sure why it popped into my head but it did…..and once something starts it just keeps going and going and going….kind of like the ever ready battery……so if talking about boobs offends you please stop reading….although if boobs offend you then you wouldnt be reading my blog at all… long as i can remember which is somewhere in my early twenties i have always been proud of my boobs…..luckily i took after my mom and not my dad…..ive had cleavage and i loved wearing scoop necked t shirts and tanks and anything that showed them off….but not too slutty…..but as i get older and so do they ive been noticing other womens boobs….mostly smaller ones….now im not weird i know there has to be some among you other then the men reading this who notice other womens boobs…..there’s nothing wrong with it and you dont have to be attracted to other women to do it……but as mine get older and lower and i start to wear a push up bra just to keep them where they used to be…..ive noticed that my t shirt necks are getting higher… a side sleeper so ive started to also notice early in the morning creases down the middle of my chest from laying on my side which causes one boob to crowd the other… back to my noticing other womens boobs… nice it would be to have smaller boobs….i could wear a button down tshirt and leave alot of the buttons open and appear alluring without having to worry about something popping out……i could wear a backless dress or one that is low cut and not have to wear a bra at all…..showing my sexy back…..well only if i lost another 20 lbs……so you women out there with smaller boobs… proud……when you get much older you’ll be glad because they’ll be right where they started…..there actually were alot more thoughts racing thru my head but that started to be tmi….too much information….so thats all i have to say about boobs……

ok so since ive written this ive noticed everywhere i go if i have a scooped neck or tank top on i keep pulling it up… i look like a 60 year old hoe……nice name for slut…whore…for those that dont do the lingo) also met some people sitting out at the pork shop….thats another whole story… but it came to me…..if i sleep on my back with my lower body elevated and my boobs hanging upwards towards my head 8 hours a night will they head back north from the opposite gravity pull…..

#boobs #gravity #being60

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