don’t follow me

yesterday after work I hopped in my car… I always do….I go to call my husband to tell him I’m on my way….as I always do…..and there was a message on the screen for me… was the google maps icon and next to it said something like 24 minutes to get home in normal traffic…..really….who says it’s 24 minutes to get home and how does it know where I live…..where I work… first I thought how cool…..I stopped off at the grocery store for a few things and I checked my phone when I got back in the car because my husband says it’s attached to my ear and i wouldn’t want to disappoint him…..and the same icon popped up and said 9 minutes to get home… how does my phone know where I work ….where I live….and who is it sharing this information with….definitely not my family because I made sure none of them can locate me 24-7….not that I have anything to hide but what if I need to run away from home for awhile….what if I was a young mother with a colic screaming baby and a two year old and left them with my husband who puts on ear phones and just lets them scream…..actually that was my ex husband….but what if he didn’t put on the ear phones and the diapers are dirty and the baby is crying and the two year old wants his full attention and he goes to his phone and sees that your not far from home…even though you still have half an hour of peace and quite and alone time and texts you to come home…..luckily that never happened to me….no cell phones back in the dinosaur age….so I look on my privacy section in settings on my i phone which I believe is manufactured in china….and i go to shared locations and I turn off all the programs and people that it shares this information with….I can even go to my history and see where I’ve been in the past month and how many times i was there…..what if i was stopping at 31 flavors on my way home from work every day for a scoop of rocky road….even though I’m trying to loose weight … one needs to know that but me….these are simple funny situations…..but who else is getting all this information….what if my young child has an i phone…well i would never give my kid an i phone….but i do live in an area where some of the kids ….ok a lot of the kids have better phones then me….but if they did and their shared location services was on….can someone tap into their phone and see where they have been or the way they go home….they say it can’t happen but in reality….anything can happen….you just don’t know….so screw them….go into your families phones and go to privacy and go to shared locations… can decide who you want to see your locations…..

ok I’m done….it wasn’t a very humorous blog so i did run out of things to say…just straight to the point….this is why i don’t blog about politics or religion or tell you what to do… boring would that be….

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