no respect….

we took my mom to breakfast and there was about a 20 minute wait….they have benches out in front for people to sit and wait….of course the benches were all full of people waiting….but these were younger people probably 20’s 30’s and early 40’s and no one ….not a single person offered my mom a seat….even if she didn’t want it….someone should have offered….it’s so sad what is happening in this society….no respect for older people….I raised my kids like my parents raised me….they say please and thank you…. they open doors or hold open the door as they walk in for the next person and they offer their seat to someone older….when my son was around 18 we moved to a new neighborhood….he was driving to work one morning and there was an older gentleman…well….older than him….probably my age….lol…. anyways he was pulled over on the side of the road and I believe he had a flat tire but not exactly sure but it really doesn’t matter because he pulled over and asked if he could help….a few days later as I was walking the dogs a man asked if I was Robbie’s mom…. I guess in their conversation he mentioned what kind of dogs we had….anyways…he said he had to tell me what a wonderful and polite son I have….I’ve heard that many times thru the years even when my kids were much younger….and I’m not boasting…ok I am….because I am very proud of my kids and I’m proud to be out with them….is wasn’t that difficult to teach them respect and manners….no wait i take that back….it was extremely difficult and exhausting… co-workers used to say they couldn’t believe that i didn’t drink every night…..I heard on the radio awhile back …that this d.j.’s wife was sending her 3 boys to camp for I think it was a week or two….they were excited until she told them it was a camp to learn manners….actually it was pretty funny to hear that her husband was going to go with….that was more of a publicity stunt….but the point is….oh look a squirrel….the point is…yes some kids are more difficult to raise then others….and if you ask my kids who are now 27 and 30 they would admit that they were awful….actually they tell me that a lot and laugh… comes that squirrel again….I was the sole parent of 2 kids with…well…that’s a whole other blog….but….this one time at band camp….I came home from work and someone had a food fight in the living room…I had a black and white cow print couch…I loved that couch….I believe it took them quite a while to clean the mess up….and there are many more interesting happenings at our house….but the point is….even though they had more then their share of things other kids would have been hung by their toes or sent off to boarding school for…..and no I have never done or do I recommend these two punishments….although I probably should delete it because there are a lot of crazy people out there hopefully they don’t read my blog…but back to where I could tell you things about my kids that would curl your toes!!!!  I still kept on them about manners and I had good manners and respect for other people in front of them always….and even though it seemed like they didn’t listen to a word I was saying they obviously absorbed everything because my words are coming out of their mouths constantly…….and my kids have grown up to be close to my mom and my dad who unfortunately passed away too soon in 1997…..but they like spending time with her and listening to her stories of her and my dad growing up……they each take her out to dinner usually once a week….and they talk to her on the phone constantly…..having all of us in her life keeps her young….I think that’s it for now…I’m hungry….oh look a squirrel….

but getting back to respect…..we need to teach our children to respect us as their parents and to respect their siblings and friends and people who are less fortunate…and kids with disabilities…..the world is just getting to be a very sad place to live in…

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