who let the asses out….

well this one looks like the start of a great story….it even caught my attention…..too bad i never wrote anything….i have no clue what this was supposed to be about…..could have been about my trip to oatman arizona where the wild donkeys come into town and roam freely….or it could have been about a two legged one…..actually i’m thinking it was about the great little town of oatman….outside of laughlin nevada…..rumor has it that someone has come in and bought alot of land and plans to make it into a mini sturgis……i guess it will bring business to the small town….im all about bringing business but hopefully they wont change the whole feel and look of this little old mining town…..this isnt as exciting as it would have been had i wrote it when i came up with the title…oh…wait…i wonder if i wrote it in my phone while in oatman and then never copied it over….i take a look and see….check back later….and when i mean later…you know i don’t mean today …or even tomorrow….but sometime….oh look there’s a squirrel….

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