de ja vu

nine years ago I drove around the neighborhoods north of pinnacle peak road looking for houses for sale….when I came across a house on a dirt road… was so cool from the outside….I called the number on the sign and the woman I spoke with said…it takes a special type of person to like this home…..little did she know who she was talking too…..I took one look in the window and knew it was for me…..the people who built it and had just moved out had also done most of the wood work….some from left over pieces but very basic and very cool…..although the walls would definitely need some color…. the house was on a dirt road with empty desert property all around….quiet…peaceful….every day as I walked the dogs I thought of fantastic projects to work on and so many great blog ideas…..of course you haven’t read any of these because by the time I got home I forgot almost everything….but just enjoyed the nature and serenity around me……skip ahead nine years…..there’s an elementary and middle school a few miles down the road…the dirt road has been sealed once a year to control the dust……soccer moms and dads drive 50 mph past our house…..the desert next to our house will soon be a small community of 11 houses…..the street is now closed so that it can be paved….it’s been closed for a few weeks now and should take a few months…..I walked my dog issue up the road today…..she may have bone cancer so she cant go very far….there were no cars on the road…..I remembered the times when it was like this…quiet….calm….I need to enjoy the next few months of no traffic….

then that squirrel ran by and i hit save as draft button……it’s so sad when i cant remember stuff that i came up with to write about six days ago…..but did i ever remember….nah…i think if i dont get it down right away it ends up getting lost in the wrinkles of my mind….hey if there are wrinkles and folds and crevasses other places on the human body why not inside my brain…..this idea is taking my mind a lot of other places that would be tmi….to much info…if i write a book now….would i have to keep starting a new beginning or should it be a day in the life of someone one who can’t remember jack sh*…..just saw the video created by 78 year old country singer glen campbell who was diagnosed with alzheimers….he created the video as he realized he was getting worse…the title…”i’m not gonna miss you”…even the title brings tears….it’s very emotional but what a fantastic piece for the family to work on together….

so now it’s six days later and the quiet in the street has made way for tractors and water trucks and people….boo hoo….last night on my way up from the mailbox a lone coyote crossed the street in front of me….one of the first few nights we moved here i heard the coyotes which i believe lived in the desert next to us….they were yipping and howling….calling to each other and then i heard the screeching of what i thought was a dog so i ran in the house and got terry because i was sure i needed to run into the desert to rescue the dog…..i guess it was a rabbit …not that it makes it any better….but that’s just part of this awesome world we live in…..every night we would hear them howling or yipping…i grew to enjoy that part…stepping outside in the dark just to listen to them….while the dogs are all safe inside the house or in their dog run which is covered and screened in…..that’s another whole story….. soon it will be time to move further out….hopefully when the street work and the houses are built the quiet will return and so will the animals…..some how i think it will never be the same…..

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