I seem to be using those three little letters or should I say capital letters lately……I love my phone I can get lost for hours on facebook and pinterest and check my emails every two seconds….but I am having the worst problem with my Microsoft outlook account and it really has pissed me off…..I have a guy who has been doing  my computer back of the house stuff for as long as I can remember…well let me rephrase that because lately I cant remember jack sh*t…..he has been working on my computer since they started web pages… know back in the dinosaur age….great guy helped me out a lot but he has passed me right by and has gotten so big and busy that it takes forever to get ahold of him…..and I cant wait….I want instant gratification….so whenever I have to change my password and not because I want to ….but its a must…I have to get in touch with him because he is my administrator…..really you’d think by now he’d be tired of my five million texts and emails screaming for help in all capital letters… a few weeks ago was one of those times and I kept trying to contact him….a very nice guy….but OMG….I want to be able to change my own f*****g password…..and I cant so I finally was able to get a person on live chat…woo hoo…that took me about half an hour or more but seemed like forever because every time I went to the contact us it told me to sign into my account to reach the help desk….really…..if I could sign into my account….I wouldn’t need the help desk….and yes I got a code texted to me and I entered it and then it said it was going to send me a code to my alternate email which I never received….and I kept getting sent to the community forum….really….wtf….so I finally get a real live person on chat…I couldn’t find that again in a million years…..and she had me fill out a form to get an email to my alternate email to fill out so I can prove its my account….right now I’d like someone to get into my account maybe they can delete the 50,000 emails I have…..the best part is that it could take up to 24 hours….OMG….I’m already starting to go through withdrawal…..i need it now……I think I forgot a part of the story here…….so the last time it had to be changed I think I started texting him a week or two before….but didn’t hear back until it expired and I couldn’t get my emails….so he finally sends me a temp password….and since my mind is like a steel trap I don’t remember where I wrote down the new password….so I counted the number of spaces it contained and have tried everything I could think of ….but of course my steel trap of a brain…locked everything in it and well i’m sure  you can guess the rest….and if you can’t I’m at a point now where I really don’t care….terry is snoozing….the dogs have passed out because they got groomed today and it was such an exhausting experience……I wish that was my only problem….go get a manicure and its so exhausting I must take a nap….but no….I’m on this stupid computer pissed off at it and no one to whine too……oh…but you……

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