mayhem as u.s. black friday hits britain

are you kidding me…..I just can’t take it anymore…..u.s. black Friday hits Britain….really….they don’t even have thanksgiving over there but I guess whatever stores that are over there from here must run the same sales… the big chain stores who are taking over the world…..advertise a tv on sale at rock bottom pricing……and people start lining up hours before they open…..only to find out that there is only 1 tv at that price so they end up fighting over them…..really…..and then other stores feel the need to follow suit…..and then the consumer starts to think that every one should be having sales……and no one really makes any money when they have sales….and they really need to sell even more just to stay a float…..and now even more people think they can walk into any store negotiate on prices……and we’ve become such a greedy society in which  the vast majority only looks out for themselves…..the government taxes you on money you make and then on it when you die…..which should be considered double taxation…..and am I in a pissed off mood or what……I do believe I exited from the wrong side of the kitchen sink this morning after doing the pots and pans from thanksgiving……cause I know I woke up on the right side of the bed this morning…..I know this because one of my five dogs…..Rambo whose legs are too short to be able to jump up on the bed always starts jumping up and down right by my face and soon as he thinks I’m awake……so I see his little face bobbing up and down…..sometimes its cute and other times its annoying……and I felt the need to have something very chocolaty so I’m  drinking a red velvet hot chocolate with almond milk which also has soy in the hot chocolate powder which I figured it did it’s in everything……and why does that matter you ask? because I’m allergic to soy and so as I’m drinking I can already feel the tip of my tongue tingling. so I’m really not enjoying the 5 million calories that I sacrificed ….are you still with me…… waiting for the punch line or did I scare you off already…..hey I’m scaring myself……I really should be working on uploading my pics to scotts marketplace….oh look a squirrel……….

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