sometimes money does buy happiness

at the last minute we decided to escape the heat in arizona and go west like so many other zonies do… we are in Cali……we spent the first three days in Laguna beach…. temperature…..a wonderful 74 degrees…….a nice breeze coming off the ocean…. and at night an occasional chill requiring me to put on one of my very own harleymcfarley recycled t shirt jackets…..I chose my super hero design I wasn’t sure my harley theme was right for the occasion….anyways…..I haven’t been to the #sawdustfestival which runs every summer from the end of June thru August…..fantastic art, crafts , demos, classes, and music. we happened to be there the day the #triciafreemanband was performing….what an awesome voice Tricia has……so after the slow process of going thru the art fest with my 86 year old…..a very young and funny 86…..but still she does have to stop at just about every booth and talk to everyone….we finally followed the music to where Tricia and her band we’re playing…..what could be more perfect…..sitting in 74 degrees listening to fantastic music….a cool breeze blowing thru carrying the wonderful smell of the wood chips that cover the ground…the sound of water moving behind us and we are surrounded by art….this is living….I highly recommend it!!!!
we catch the free trolley back down pacific coast highway and decide tohave an early dinner at #thedeckrestaurant overlooking the water at the #pacificedgehotel….I highly recommend reservations the place was packed….the food was very good…we started off with some oysters on the half shell… mom was in heaven if she could have eaten the shell she would…..then an order of steamed Venus mussels and clams in a fennel saffron broth….a fancy name for a buttery garlic broth…..we had to keep ordering more garlic toast to soak up the absolutely orgasmic broth so we wouldn’t be tempted to just pick the bowl up and slurp it……although my mom did take a few spoonfuls…..followed by a shrimp and dungeness crab Louie which just put our meal over the top…..all while listening to some great songs from local musician Jonathan Salazar… top it off we walked up the street to #tacobell and terry ran in and surprised us with some tasty churros and Cinnabon® Delights™ 2 Pack
Warm, golden bite-sized pastries filled with Cinnabon® frosting and covered with Makara® cinnamon sugar…..omg…’s like crack cocaine I’ve got to have more!!!!!
from there we drove to San Diego and decided to splurge and our last three days staying at the #hoteldel…….the main building of hotel was built back in the 1800’s……the architecture and history here is just amazing…..
Hotel del Coronado (also known as The Del and Hotel Del) is a beachfront luxury hotel in the city of Coronado, just across the San Diego Bay from San Diego, California. It is one of the few surviving examples of an American architectural genre: the wooden Victorian beach resort. It is the second largest wooden structure in the United States (after the Tillamook Air Museum in Tillamook, Oregon) and was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1977[3][5] and a California Historical Landmark in 1970.[4]

When it opened in 1888, it was the largest resort hotel in the world. It has hosted presidents, royalty, and celebrities through the years.[6] The hotel has been featured in numerous movies and books.

A famous resident of the hotel is the purported ghost of Kate Morgan. On November 24, 1892, she checked into room 304 (then 3318, now 3327). She told staff she was awaiting the arrival of her brother who was a doctor. She said he was going to treat her stomach cancer, but he never arrived. She was found dead on the steps leading to the beach three days later. The case was declared a suicide; she had shot herself. Since then, some guests that have checked into room 3327, have reported flickering lights and floating objects.[32] … I wish I had read this fact earlier for I would have tried to stay in this room……I have been noted to see things that others can’t….and that’s without having a single drink……the grounds are beautiful and relaxing…. I’m sure it’s the sound of the ocean that I find so relaxing….I am a Pisces after all…..dinner at the sheerwater restaurant was phenomenal followed by a game of gin rummy in the bar and then a walk along the beach to our room…..I am a happy girl…….

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