what has happened to the west’s most western town……..

there is a sculpture that is on the new hayden rd roundabout just north of costco in front of the scottsdale harley dealership…..drive by and let me know what you think…….i’ll get a picture of it up later today……here is my email to jana weldon…the scottsdale public art project manager…….Hi jana, I posted on my facebook page when I first saw the sculpture on the hayden roundabout. My first reaction was what in the world was that….we’ll not those exact words….it looked so out of place…..this morning I received an email from my brother who said there was an article in the paper today about it…..so I’m amazed to find out also that it was done by a Tucson artist for $63,000. Really….there were no Scottsdale area artists that we could have supported…. And it is so out of place….i understand the meaning behind it but this isn’t the Scottsdale I’ve lived in…..what was your thinking behind this placement….my store supports Scottsdale public art but not if this is what we get in return…..i understand that there are a lot of people moving here who are trying to turn  what used to be known as the west’s most western town into a more contemporary environment…..i understand the need for growth and change but this is not the right direction. This sculpture as beautiful as it may be if placed in a downtown big city environment……has nothing to do with the southwest and looks so out of place where it is at……it just adds to the destruction of our southwest city……the famous pinnacle peak patio will soon close its doors…..so sad what an icon of the west….all these places are being pushed out for a more contemporary modern architecture….i remember when the tallest building in scottsdale was at the corner of camelback and Scottsdale road and now condos and apartment…luxury living are going up everywhere…..i guess its become all about the money …..so so sad….sorry to ramble off like this I know you are not at the root of all….but not to support a more southwest look just fuels the fire……I did get a reply….and I kind of understand where they are coming from as far as the need to invite all artists not just local because then other places will invite our artists as well for the opportunity elsewhere especially since the economy here still sucks….and the sculpture does mean something obviously not too memorable because I can’t exactly remember what is was….something about it facing a certain direction towards the mountains? a new beginning or growth or something….couldn’t they have put a horse or a cowboy facing the same direction…..is modern another name for money? greasewood flats is an awesome out door Western burger and bar ……..

Greasewood Flat began life as an old bunkhouse building in the middle of the sprawling DC Ranch which ranged over thousands of acres of Sonoran Desert in the late 1800’s. Over the last century this desert has developed into one of the most affluent areas of Scottsdale, AZ.

Doc Cavalliere bought 45 acres where Greasewood sits back in 1955 to have a place to get away from “downtown” Scottsdale, 21 miles south. The property came with a little wood and canvas building housing a café known as Pinnacle Peak Patio. He and his wife Marge changed the name to Reata Pass and ran it until 1975. By then they were in their 60s and decided to slow down a bit, so Doc fixed up the old bunkhouse, built some picnic tables, added a dance floor and opened up Greasewood as a little hideaway for his friends.

In typical old west fashion, Doc didn’t consternate too heavily on what to name the place. The area is flat and there are a lot of greasewood bushes – thus Greasewood Flat.

Since then Greasewood has grown into one of the last bastions of Old West Scottsdale, with its outdoor dance floor, corrals full of burros, rustic wagons, fire pits, and cast of characters all contributing to an atmosphere that compels you to kick up your heels and toss back a cold one.

While there has been many a celebrity to stop by, the real stars are the locals who have been a part of Greasewood’s unique heritage: Stan, our Mayor for the last 35 years; Jenner, the old hippie who painted everything and everybody who would sit for him; The Chicken Coop Cutie, a story that can’t be told in print; Mary, who has never missed a day of work in 29 years; Emmett, the bar dog and icon of laid-back-attitude; Ruthann, the minister who held services each Sunday at our Chapel and presided over “communion” at Greasewood following services; and of course Doc and Marge, who presided over all while they were with us and still inspire us today.

Greasewood Flat invites you to come on by, sit with the old timers, stroll the barnyard, try to figure out what all these old things did, enjoy a cold libation and award-winning burger and soak in the old west atmosphere.

Oh, and don’t forget to ask about the time we traded a B-17 ball turret for a Quad 50-Calibur Anti-aircraft gun…

the ritz Carlton wanted to buy the land to build their hotel but doc wouldn’t have it…..unfortunately doc has passed away……because of all the building around it the taxes on greasewoods have skyrocketed and for awhile there was rumors of it closeting because they couldn’t afford the taxes but rumor again has it that someone came in and helped pay those taxes…..now if we lived in a big city which is what everyone but the locals seems to want there would be a society that would make greasewoods a historical site and no one would ever be able to tear it down or move it…..but why is that not happening in scottsdale…..the old Western town on scottsdale just south of pinnacle peak was bought out and moved way out of town…..the borgata which was an icon of scottsdale was bought by a crooked group out of Florida and torn down…..still lays empty.. and now greasewood flats seems to be on it’s way out all because other people want the land or is it because people Are building all around it and then they complain about the noise and the dust….I think I’ll look up the Scottsdale historical society and see if I can give them a shake and wake them up……just on emote thing to add to my plate……

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