I am a collector of things…..some may say I am a few steps down form being a hoarder…..one mans junk is another mans treasure….as a matter of fact I have a handpainted sign above our garage that says….tnt’s desert treasures…. you’re junk is our treasure….a lot of it we use as garden art….it’s like walking thru history…..old wood burning stoves and old signs and just lots of old kool stuff…..not one person who has come to our house  hasn’t been in awe….in a good way…I think….even my mom who thinks a lot of her old stuff is junk likes to look around…..most guys wish their wives would let them collect stuff…….I understand that since most of it ends up in a pile somewhere….we have that too but most of our stuff has been scattered around in groupings or filled with plants…..it’s history…a lot of things that will be passed down thru my kids….because their kids wont even know what they are…..and that’s sad…..I still have all my 45 records in the psychedelic carrying case that I used back in the 60’s…..

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