you’re $1.00 can go far……

re reading my blog from yesterday it may have been misconstrued….two plates full is not closing….
but we are trying desperately to make it through the summer months here in Arizona…..and working hard to recover from the past few years when we were at a dying shopping center along with a bad economy……i was more baffled at the amount of money that was raised from around the world in a short period of time for an investment in potato salad……wouldn’t it be nice if all charities like animal welfare groups and childhood hunger charities among many others be able to get that kind of reaction……what if we have a worldwide charitable contribution day….where everyone sent $1 to their favorite charity…..maybe i’ll get that going……it could be a guiness world of records entry…..better stop here or i’ll give all my ideas away… for it in the near future…..but back to my plight…..i wouldn’t turn down $1…..but i will be selling gift certificates to two plates full at 50% off for the next few days… amount available….so be quick… me at or call 480.443.3241…..if you get our answering machine we are busy with other customers so just leave a message and we’ll call you right back….. ok so i better go and send an email out to my regular customers…..get those $’s ready……

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