i have a headache

I have a headache…..my brain is going in so many directions I can’t think anymore….imagine that…..I keep trying to organize myself because everyone says that when your organized things are so much easier……..well….they are so much easier only if your brain works that way….its like…..years ago when my store was about 5 years old…every time I would go out of town on a buying trip I would come back to find my desk cleaned up and organized….I couldn’t find anything…..needless to say they don’t do that anymore…..but here I am 59 years old trying to organize myself….will I never learn….there is a reason why god made some people organized and others not….so that the others have someone to organize for them….ok this is really getting boring…..what brought all this on….hopefully you all ….well the 10 or so people that read this blog….hopefully you know about harleymcfarley.com. I take used t shirts and make very kool shirt jackets out of them…..each design on the jacket…the sleeves, the front and the back are all from different t shirts that have been stitched together…..everyone who buys them, gets stopped every time they wear them, to ask where they got it and how kool it is…so here I am I have to buy used t shirts to create the new ones so you guessed it I have probably 1000 t shirts of asst colors and designs….so much fun to shop for them…..so I’ve somewhat organized them by putting them in tubs by color and sometimes by theme….like sports….motorcycle….superheroes…..etc. but then I have to keep going thru my tubs and then I get totally frustrated…imagine that and I’m ripping thru them looking for something I know I’ve seen and then I’m totally unorganized again……so I really need to have them on hangers on racks so its easier to go thru almost like having my own goodwill store in my house and then other people can come shop thru them if they want and I can sell them for a dollar or two more them what I bought them for and make some extra money or I can put them on ebay and really make some more money……ok my head ache is getting worse….I have to stop thinking ….every time I do I seem to create more work for myself…….must stop….step away from the keyboard….go take the dog for a walk….but then I’m on my walk and I think about all the stuff I want to write about …..I need to carry a small recorder with me but then it will be like college sitting in art history class and trying to remember all the details about 5 million works of art so I tape recorded all the lectures but then when it came time for finals I had about 5 million hours of tape to listen too…..see not organized never have been never will be……so I need a personal assistant who can follow me around but first I need to become rich and famous or at least win the lottery to afford a personal assistant unless there is someone out there who thinks I have this great fun life and they would like to follow me around to join in…..omg I must stop my head is about to explode…headache getting much worse…must go take advil…somebody please shut off my brain!!!!!!