I figured it out

I’ve been saying I never have enough time to write a daily blog….. but since my sleeping habits have changed……instead of getting up at 2:15a.m. to pee and then go back to sleep I now get up at 5:15 and then I am wide awake….. it must be the time change from my trip to Hawaii which doesn’t make sense But it sounds good….I try to keep to the time zone that I’m in when I travel while the other terry keeps thinking about arizona time……anyways so I’m up at 5:15 luckily it’s still dark out so my five dogs…..two if which have their pillows next to my side of the bed …….don’t think it’s time to get up……I can think of a million things I could be doing around the house…I do my best organizing or should I say just moving and going thru stuff first thing in the morning…..when i was a single sole parent of what turned out to now be awesome adults…….eeck did I really say they’re adults out loud……they were the most challenging babies and kids….this one time at band camp….. I love that saying …..sue who does my awesome displays at store….two plates full…. had just started working for me and needed a ride home so here we are ……oh gosh must have been I think 18 or so years ago…. so the kids were pretty young …..robbie and Cassie…..they were in the back seat doing whatever it is that they usually do and then they started hitting each other…..so my best plan of control was to ignore them….and maybe the’ll go away…just kidding…..after a few minutes sue looks at me and says do you want me to do something and I said no maybe we’ll be lucky and they’ll knock each other out…..I know that’s a bad first impression but as we go along you’ll understand….all my friends were amazed that I didn’t turn to alcohol or drugs at this point in my life…..anyways back to organizing…hahaha….I used to think that god gave me messy closets ……I mean stuff everywhere ….so that when I woke up at 2 a.m. I would have something to do…… Cassie to this day loves going thru my closets cause there’s alway fun surprises in there that I would buy ahead of time but then forget where I put them….so I guess when I’m old and can’t remember anything she’ll be used to it……ok what did I start writing about…. oh darn now terry is awake and the dogs are up……Rambo the smallest of the 3 boy yorkie pups keeps popping his head up next to my bed trying to get up or get me to pick him up…. it’s like that game where the animals head pops up and you hit it with a mallet….. now “issue”yes that’s her name …..she came with it……..has her front paws on the bed and is nibbling the bed ……something she only does on the bed…..and terry is up and talking and I’m getting very distracted …..so this whole thing was I can write my blog in the morning because I can’t move too much or the dogs wake up and terry wakes up and I try to let him sleep…. even if I get up and go in the other room it’s still five dogs three of which are boy puppies and they play rough from the minute they wake up……no not like the kids in the back seat….. but noisy……anyways I’ve got to go Terry’s asking me questions …Rambos head keeps popping up at the side of my bed and my a.d.d. is really kicking in…. I’ll read this later to see if it even makes sense…..ta ta for now…..

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