i think i’ve been bullied

so is it really necessary as an adult to be rude….do you think that people will do what you want if you are rude…..hahaha….not me…. i  come right back at you and get you to do what i want without being rude back…….ok so you get that this is about rude people…..if you’re in retail you seem to come across these unhappy people on a daily basis….they intimidate your employees and then when you go to speak with them they are so nice….well maybe not always nice…i actually asked a lady once to leave my store and not come back because she was so rude to my employees………did your parents never tell you that you get further with nice then you do rude…..my dad always said you meet the same people going up the ladder as you do going down…..we are supposed to be adults here…..i’m 58 years old….actually i had to stop a minute and subtract so i could remember exactly how old i am….well that’s a whole other subject……by this stage in my life i should not have to take any sh*t (don’t want anyone to be offended) from anyone well at least anyone who’s not related to me….that’s a whole other story….i don’t like conflict…..should i hit the delete button…..people are not perfec…..t if something is marked one price and the sign leads you to believe its another price….i’m sorry that someone wasn’t perfect and got it wrong but i’m not going to give it to you for the cheaper price especially if you are rude….really….if you like me and my store why would you want to cheat me and get it for less…a lot less…..then i loose money on it….now on the other side of the coin….. i love my nice customers…..they come in and they don’t always ask me for discounts …… when i know there is something they really want….i like to surprise them and give them a little something off….but if i have to give discounts to everybody i won’t be in busy for very long….my name is not dillards or macys or Rockefeller…why do you think mom and pop stores are disappearing….not only because everyone wants a discount but they want all that cheap stuff from china…..yes i do carry some stuff made in china but a very small amount just cause there are some things you just have to carry for some people…..ok i’m getting way off the beaten path….what was it i was rambling about…..ah yes rude…..don’t be a bully……so i’m getting bored with this subject but I’ve been told that i need to have something about the store in every blog for the worm at google……we are constantly getting in new great furniture from sticks object art and furniture….awesome new designs and colors……and we just brought in an awesome bench created from an old ford truck tailgate by a local artist….you must come in and see it …..the perfect gift for the guy in your life!!!! wow that sounded so normal and boring ….but true……stop by our new awesome location at two plates full at the shops gainey village…..Scottsdale and doubletree ranch rd in Scottsdale, az. tata for now!

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